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Valley of Wonders...
Valley of Wonders... (46)
Trip Date:2008-09-13 - 2008-09-20
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Countries visited:France
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The former province of the Perigord is now known as the Dordogne. It is a land of rich variety, set betwen ocean, continental and mountain areas. The gentle hues of such diversity are symbolised by the four colours of the Perigord, four regions in one.
- The green Périgord, in the north, offers a greenery of verdant growth and valleys in a region crossed by many rivers and streams.
- The white Périgord is a region of limestone plateau, wide valleys.
- The black Périgord overlooks the valleys of the Vézère and the Dordogne. The route down the historic valley of the Dordogne is dotted with castles.
- The purple Périgord, is the region of vineyards. There are also many french and english "bastides" or fortified villages recall a page of history.

I woulk like to offer you a stroll through these 4 colors.