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williewhistler 07-06-2011 11:19 AM

To tyro: Dawn July 1st
Hello John, thanks for your critique,as regards the sky I used 400 ASA and shot without a tripod,which is possibly why it may suffer a bit in PP.At least that`s all I can think of.
Best regards Les.:)

tyro 07-06-2011 10:47 PM

I can't think of anything else either...........
Hi Les,

No, I can't think of anything else either. ISO 400 isn't that high - especially for Nikons which, as far as I have read, are probably the very best cameras for working at the higher ISO levels - generally considered superior to Canon and Sony in that regard.

But I have found that once you creep up to the higher ISO's, any attempt to brighten or darken a picture whose exposure isn't spot-on can accentuate "noise" or grain" - that was a point which Richard (Ricx) and myself agreed upon during one of our informal discussions during our weekend in Cumbria - over a few beers, of course!

Kind Regards,


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