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shevchenko 06-01-2010 09:02 AM

To Ricx: Reply
Hi Rich,

Those are not post boxes.

The reddish architectures in front of the houses are shrines of Gods, it is a little space for Taoists worshipping the God of Sky , this is one of the characteristic of Chinese houses too.

Some of my old photos are showing these little shrine too.

<a href="">Old Photo 1 :</a>, Chinese houses at Ampang Village, the reddish shrine (normally built 3~5 feets off the ground) is use for worshipping God of Sky, and the yellowish shrine (directly built on the land) is for worship the Gods of Land/ Earth.

<a href="">Old Photo 2 : </a> In front of a shop owned by Chinese, the little red shrine built directly on the land is for worshipping the Gods of Land.

Thanks for viewing.


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