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hakan2o 10-14-2007 06:02 AM

To Ferrus: a basic reply....
So nice to hear your support for terror. Most of the quoted 30,000 people that have died in this struggle are actually Kurdish. Only about 15% are actually Turks and soldiers according to United Nations statistics. That 85% are normal Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin. They are extorted and terrorised for no reason other than not wanting to join the cause. For this reason I wonder why the Turkish state even bothers expending money and resources on this battle. They should just protect the borders and just let the Kurdish PKK terrorise their own Kurdish population. Don't also forget the US, the EU and 37 other countries agree the PKK is a terrorist organisation. They must be all be stupid and wrong then?

Turkey is a state of opportunity with a great diverse culture and a generally benevolent state. Don't forget we've had Prime Ministers like Turgut Ozal of Kurdish origin. This is the 2nd highest and most powerful position attainable in Turkey and is there for those who want to push themselves a little rather than moan and groan about lack of opportunities and rely on the government for everything.

Don't worry, Kurdish language is now allowed to be broadcast and is now allowed in many schools in Turkey. But just like these kinds of schools in the west you need to speak the language of the country you are in to get anywhere. Let's see you for instance try and force your language in Switzerland. You can't. You'll speak it in your house, with friends etc but that's were it stops.

Now please don't bring politics into this website any longer. The site is about pictures of our great world. Like yours.

Thank you.

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