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Default Re: Saying goodbye...

it doesn't matter where you go , where you stay , where you are left behind ...

it doesn't matter,
isolating yourself in the bullshit of trendy obtrusive nostalgic copiers
throwing yourself in the wide open garbage of life locking spammers
being left behind as a motherless crying oracle child veiled by hells angels

it doesn't matter .... as long as you know who you are and what you want,

you float anywhere,
in any sea of bullshit (it takes bullshit to recognize bullshit),
in any sea of garbage, oracles, spam, lies, plebs, mouth-shooters, virtual lover's exchange,
in any sea of exploitation, manipulation, competition, vox populi ...

it doesn't matter ... be yourself and enjoy ... anywhere
choose - use your environment to share yourself , you're free to leave the environment that uses you
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