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Smile To tyro: Samyang Lens

Caro Giovanni

Thank you for your very kind words on the photo.

The Samyang lens is the go-to lens if you want to shoot the stars. And it only costs AUD300, about STG150. It's a fantastic buy. The other lenses they make are excellent too, I'm looking at some at the moment.

The lenses are under the Samyang brand here but might be known in Europe as Rokkinon.

Yes the 5D goes okay with high ISOs but the Sony A7 is the gun camera for this type of photography. The sensor is incredible. I had a try of my friend's Sony. Wow the info and light you can pull out of a RAW file is without peer

Well that's the limit of my techy talk. I'm starting to sound like my astronerd friends.

Un abbraccio
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