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Default To weswang: ssshhhhtt....

Hi Wes,

Dont tell anyone, but the ride on the ferry was a bit of a mistake. I was looking for the Quincy Market place, because I heard that it was a great place to visit. So I had just gotten off the subway at "Aquarium" stop, and I saw people getting on this ferry. I like boat rides so I asked where the ferry was going, they told me Quincy, so I figured....

Well as you know I was already just a couple minutes away from my original destination when I got on the ferry. So a very friendly guy that worked on the ferry, after having a good laugh, explained to me that I would have to do the round trip to get to where I was going ;-) But I am happy that I got to do the ride, because I came away with many great photos and a beautiful sunset cruise for free!

Have a good sunday - Paul
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