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Default To jmfarace: Thanks for the workshop

Hi jmfarace, thank you very much for the workshop. Indeed your edited version makes the picture look a lot more dramatic. I do have a few questions as I am not such a proficient Photoshop user.
1 What does filter/ Poster Edges do? I tried doing it but the result was really weird. Maybe its because I dont understand what you mean by output 50%

2 Idem for saturation, what does output 20% mean. Is it just 20 points to the right of 0 on the Image/Adjustments/Saturation?

3 What does fill do, I tried looking it up on help but the result is a monocolor screen.

4 Finally, I would like to know how to apply the black frame the way u did it.

Than u very much for your workshop, and please feel free to do more if you feel so inclined as they really help.


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