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Default Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method

I think the most honest to the spirit of TE is to admit everyone to propose a picture, this filter will works already for more active members.

There should be a limitation of 3 for adding as a donation so if they want to joint they have to think very carefully wich three are really representative in 'Learning about ......', in that way you give everyone a chance as the book should not be targetted to the biggest posters but to the best general reflection of TE representing as much possible differant members, not the name but the photo should be the most important as thus for the book.

Also a limitation of 2005 would indicate that there will be 2006 and .......
I think the archive of 2005 is already big enough to have an outstanding recolt from.

Favorites is not a good filter as it is used in differant ways, for me f.i. a favorite can also be a bad photo with some extraordinairy potential to inspire myself for better shooting. And if you take care only o the high numbered quoted favorites you start again some elitisme excluding a starter with one good photo.

Then only with the archive of donations it is pleasant to filter the best out suitable for the project, so everyone takes the risk to be in -or excluded that could be discussed with proposals theme by theme.
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