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Default Booking transport in India

Hi Paul
This is what I mean by "a big beaurocratic country"... :-D I think since Mumbai attacks, they also ask if your great grand parents were Sri Lankan (cos you could be a European Tamil Tiger). I had a pleasure to apply for an Indian visa in 2012. Same ridiculous questions, but I had to get up very early, twice, and queue from 6 am, to be able to submit my application and then collect my passport before going to work. So my online application in 2020 still felt like a breeze.
I have applied online for visas to Australia, Turkey, Burma and a few others and yes, those were much simpler processes.
I booked one of the trains (Amritsar-Agra) online, two months before I travelled. It was a bit cumbersome but at least it worked (in Bangladesh, for example, you need to have a national ID to book trains online). I booked the Agra-Delhi train on arrival at Agra station, two days before travel. It was very easy. But may be more difficult during tourist season. I had read though that they always keep some seats for foreigners till the last moment. And I wasn't too worried as there are also lots of buses from Agra to Delhi.
The rest of my domestic transfers were with the budget airline called Indigo. As you say, as straightforward to book as Easyjet or Ryanair.
No, I take it back. Ryanair is much worse these days.
Best wishes
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