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Default Booking transport in India

That reminds me... for the Indian visa, in 2012, there was a THREE A4 page instruction on how to take a photo to submit with the application! For the Burma online visa, on the other hand, they requested a photo not older than 3 months. That meant I would have to have a new photo taken (I hate having "passport" photos of me taken and avoid it like plague). So I found an old passport photo, took a photo of the photo with my digital camera and sent with the application... :-D
Now, about paying for flights with a credit card... In 2017, while in Tanzania, I was thinking of booking a flight from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam (as I was rapidly running out of time to catch my flight back to Europe from Dar). I was shocked, as I entered a modern air-conditioned office and was told "cash only". I had to travel by bus (scheduled 12 hours that turned into actual 30 hours) and still got there on time, less than a day before my flight.
Have a nice weekend All!
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