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Default To holmertz: Thank you, Gert!

Thank you, Gert, for yet more kind words! The composition here must really have been luck or a fluke or, maybe, serendipity. One advantage of lockdown is that we can't really get out and take pictures so dredging through old neglected photographs is the next best thing - and often one unearths something unexpected (or maybe something we've previously dismissed as being of no value). I suppose I initially thought this a nice picture of a lovely old car when I found it - and then I realised that the lady was touching the mascot - and that triggered a memory I had of some link that existed between the Rolls-Royce mascot and a scandalous romance in the past. And Mr. Google came to the rescue.

Regarding the cloth sitting on the left hand "running board", I presume the owner might have inadvertently left it lying there. Owners of the cars here tend to give their vehicles a quick rub over with a cloth now and again (especially if they think they might be in the running for a prize when the judges examine all the cars to see which ones they believe are the best restored or cared for). Needless to say, I've never won a prize as mine isn't in this sort of immaculate condition - but it goes, it stops (after a while!) and it's good fun to be out driving on a fine day!

I'll maybe see if I can dredge up some other ancient motoring history!

You take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards,

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