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Hi Brenda,
My first thought was that fee would repulse people as well, but very much depends on how it would be organized.
Those people who like uploading any sort of photos go to facebook. Those who want upload a lot of photos probably use flickr.
There are more websites where people share more "artistic" or "travel" photos.
There are many better websites. But TrekEarth offers something unique.

People are here for many different reasons. There are people who are here for social reasons.
Many of my TE friends left. Some of them posted something against TOS which was removed, they got offended and left. BUT their best friends stayed here. They are more loyal to this website than to their friends. They are crazy about this website. They complain but they will stay here as long as they can.
I know people who start their day with checking TrekEarth, and spend a while here EVERY DAY.
Picking a photo for TE is the highlight of their day.
I know one person who reads comments which people write to each other and translates them with Google Translate if they are in a different language! This website is their whole world... Of course they would pay...

Other people left because they focused more on the quality of photos. And this site is not focused on the quality.
Most people here are not young. Young people don't use website like this, I don't even know what is trendy now, but for them facebook is for old people. They have apps.
What I am saying the audience is diverse but well defined. And easy to cater for.

For me, and for many others, this website is a bit like a personal gallery where my photos are organized in particular way, the way I like it.
And there is social aspect.
So what I would be paying for is the opportunity to have a "personal" website with the maps, etc.
This is what I would miss most when TE disappears.
If I could buy a website designed like this for my own use. I would do it. With all the regional maps etc.
I don't want Google maps. I like exactly as it was done here. It is brilliant!
Well if only some things could be improved. The world maps are so tiny now, unreadable. etc

I think there may be more people like myself.

I am not sure what other sites IB owns. I think they may be in trouble. Cell phones transformed the internet.
They have apps which organize their photos in a cool way and show them on the map and it is attached to their camera = phone.
Same happens probably to other websites. They are dying out.

The only way for them is to find a way out.
I don't say that I have all the answers but it is easy to find out: make a survey. People genuinely care about this website and they will come up with ideas.
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