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Hi Keitht,
I hear different point of views here.
I was more focused on delivering great quality photos originally, and I believe I had some great photos in my galley before.
I still know how to do it, but have no time nowadays...
What has changed for me is the focus which has shifted from making a great quality photo to learning about the world through photography and not other way around.
And so now I rather share experiences, I share more local than remote destinations.
This is what I wrote on my profile page:

At the beginning I put a lot of emphasis on learning what photographic equipment to purchase and how to take a good photo. Now, even though I make an effort to take a good photo, I am rather focused on sharing a place and experience rather than a perfect photography product. I see many people leave TrekEarth since the quality of uploaded photos is not challenging them enough. I can understand them but I donít see us staying here as losers. We just select a different approach.

People have various approaches to writing critiques. I am not going to question anybodyís approach. People are here to have fun. In the end we are all like children, and there is nothing wrong in ticking off smileys as long as we enjoy it. My personal approach is to reply to critiques, which I get. I prefer to write comments to imperfect photos but made by real people and those who appreciate it and are involved as well. Some people say that members here are just complimenting each other but are not honest. I believe it all comes down to the maturity of a person. Of course, I know how to be harsh and fundamental and that would probably quicker lead us all to better quality photos. But is it what we really want? Harsh, efficient and perfect? I think focusing on the positive aspects of the photos and occasionally pointing out the improvement areas creates a more pleasant environment. Whoever is predominantly interested in the photo quality will pick it up from subtle comments. I am learning it in my personal and professional life as well. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.
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