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Default Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method

I think that its been said before. Alow members to submit the photos they prefer. This is a good filter. It could be 5% of the total number of photos on TE. If you have 100 photos, you can submit 5. if you have 20 or less, you can submit 1. I think this filter will work best because it will cut the field down considerably. Those that are interested will at least be in the running at the initial stage, and those that arent and didnt submit a photo will have nothing to complain about.

For a secondary filter, we place the photos on a subpage and allow people to vote for the best photos. This will be hard so perhaps the voting could be broken up on a weekly basis, 30 images per week. The photos here should be anonymous, no names attached. This will be fair I think. Everyone gets 3-5 votes per week. This second round could be used to select the most popular 30-40% of the photos submitted in the initial round.

Once we cut the field down to 30-40% we could get the help of professionals to make a further selection.
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