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Default To tyro: Cool Fun for Boys.

Thank you for you warm critique, John.

There were lots of youngsters around the park.
Some had been picnicking and others had obviously been in the water because of their clothing and the nearby towels.
it was the evening when we were there and I would imagine that many had returned home.
The river/stream isnít very deep in the park and there are lots of small weirs and rocks around, which prevents the children from jumping in.
Later on the water curves under the road and alongside a pretty footpath. In this area, where the river bends, there is a natural beach and the water becomes much deeper. A few years ago, a teenager jumped in, from a swing, with tragic consequences. I think it was the shock of entering the cold water that caused the death. There have been lots of warnings to youngsters but, When you are so young, death is not something you worry about!

How are you and Yvonne faring.
We still donít fancy going into places like pubs or restaurants, though they will be opening this w/e.
Our children are coming to visit this w/e as it is Lenís birthday.
We hoped the weather would be fine and warm so we could have a garden party and socially distance.
The forecast is not superb ... we will wait until nearer the time before definite plans are made.

My warm regards, Bev 😊
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