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Default Re: photographing people - help!

Zoom lens doesnít make you a stalker, especially if youíre just sitting down and not fallowing some one. The best thing about street photography is the act of capturing a emotive or character and or defining moment, this cannot be done if the shots are posed my best street photos were taken from a distance of people who were playing chess and having a great time, the emotions on their faces and the drama they went through as they played could not be reproduced as easily if it had been posed.

I donít understand why you would feel sleazy about it, to each his/her own, if your heart is and mind are of clear and pure intention I donít think theirs much space for sleaze.

I setting up shots and things arenít of interest to me, as they only help to show the scale of the building its more fun to try and get scales of emotions.

I am happy with the photos I have of my Lubitel each one has a story and thatís how they are supposed to be.
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