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Default Re: Photoshop7 to Epson 1280 printer

First thing you need to do is to download the paper profiles for your Epson papers. The Epson printer driver default settings are quite close to reproduce the sRGB color space.

Proof your print

1) View -> Proof Setup -> Custom
2) Select your Epson paper profile that you intent to print on
3) Uncheck "Preserve Color Number"
3) Switch between the "Perceptual" and "Relative Colorimetric" to see which one is closest to your original.

If you are printing from PS 7, make sure you have these settings

1) File -> Print with Preview
2) Click on the checkbox "Show more Option", choose "Color Management"
3) In the print space, select your Epson paper profile that you intent to print on
4) Choose the "intent" that best match your original from the proof view.
5) Click on Print then Properties
6) Make sure that the printer papers and settings are the right type
7) On the "Color Management" choice, chose "ICM"

Now you are ready to print. If the color does not come out right, try it with the "sRGB" choice instead of ICM. If that still does not work, your monitor needs calibration.

Have fun! :D
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