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Smile To tusharkmandal: Namaskar Tushar

Namaskar dear Tushar

Thanks for your kind words, they're very encouraging. Yes, the girls are 2nd generation Malaysian. The Batu Caves are a a centre of worship for Hindus in Malaysia, the caves being dedicated to Lord Murugan. They are the centre of attraction during the Thaipusam celebrations.

Taking photos of people has always been difficult for me. I love looking at other people's "people shots" and admire their courage in getting up close and personal. You have a great talent in doing this, needless to say. But I have real problems with approaching people and asking to take their photo/soul/privacy.

The other obstacles are the need to react quickly to a decisive moment such as this one here. With landscape photography (particularly seascapes) you can always take your time and take as many shots of the same thing as you like. The only urgency is the need to capture the light in time. I can take my time all I like, as the sea will always be there.

But with people it's different. They move fast, and most definitely have different reactions to the photographer. Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement. I'll keep trying.

Warm regards
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