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Default TO: Isabele-Cesar; Jack-Herve; Dom-Mario

Gathering new members for this project is crucial, the invitation must be clear and efective.

Dominique didn's anwered to me yet, but i think the pay-it-foward system is the best, eachone of us invite a number of members - let's say 50 or 100 - and those members have to invite 10 new members and so on.

But i'm facing two dilemas here... a big and a small one:

--> Small Dilema: there will be duplicated invitations... well, if we want to be perfect this can be a real pain-in-the-:), but i really don't see any problem here... if someone receive two invitation just as to reply saying that they already joined before.

--> Big Dilema: I can only send 5 invitations per day, it will took ages to contact all members...

ADAM: i don't know if you are reading this, is there anychance to change the number of messages that one can send per day?

--> This is what i'm doing: Send a message via TE message service, briefing the project and inviting the receiver to visit the forum, then if the receiver wants to join he/she must reply my message with his/hers mail to further contacts.
--> I've started an excell database with all Europeans members invited, the i can add the sub-invitation and therefor track them all.

Any suggestions?

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