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Great luisafonso 2009-08-24 4:00

Awesome light André! Colors are wonderful too. Very natural, vibrant as well. I love his posture. You really made yourself invisible - which is a giant trick! ;) Very good!

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Default To luisafonso: The Portuguese renegade...

Hi Luís Miguel de Araújo Afonso!!!!

Luis, f_ck, tell me you regret having deleted your gallery.... Grrrr!!! I miss you so much guys...

As you know, I have downloaded my images on Flickr in bulk, because my intention is only to use this site as a temporary way to show my photos to potential clients, not to build back a network of friends and contacts. I have met some great people here and that's enough for me. I prefer to keep quality relations instead of multiple superficial ones....

If I stay here, it's only for the community, for the colleagues that I respect and with whom I have develop a pleasant dynamic.

In order to pursue evolution, I think I have to dig into books and professional web sites, plus keeping my sharpshooters friends like you close to me, while maintaining a dialogue about our work. I don't have time and interest to get in touch with the crowd from Flickr, with whom I feel nothing.

On TE, it's chaotic, the admins are clueless and don't have any vision (their f_cking ads are so miserable), the site take minutes before opening an image at certain hours of the day, but people keep coming in because they know everyone, they feel part of a community.

On Flickr, you can see it's run by real pros, the site is flawless, there is a follow-up from the admins almost instantly when you ask a question and they are sending you a questionnaire to know if you are satisfied about the staff and support. The page is not overcrowded by popping ads, it's clean, inviting and it clearly puts priority on photos.

But I feel like it's a pool of anything and everything, award-winning shots swimming among millions of crappy pics. The level of interaction is cheap, as people just write simple and generic comments, a word or two, when it's not simply an invitation to join their "themes", so therefore, you don't get anything out of this.

That's why your idea of having a closed-network/private group to comment each other images with very restricted members (not more than 10 or 12) is excellent. That's the only part I will be implicated in and although I already have registered myself on your private group, I will begin to participate upon returning from Johannesburg (August 26th to September 22nd).

Anyway, I will write to you a little bit more while in Africa, as I am not planning to move around extensively - I am going there only to see my girlfriend/soul mate/life partner/future wife... :-P) While I would like to spend my days shooting around Johannesburg, it seems to be a very bad idea according to Wanda and Caleb Coleman... They say that within an hour, I will not have a camera any longer, neither a backpack and money. You have no clue how much I would like to fight with anyone who would think of appropriating my black box, but the problem is they are armed and operate in group of 5 and more...

So I'll keep in touch and browse around your shots over the next weeks, spending my days in front of the computer, waiting for Wanda to arrive from work...

Hasta la vista, baby!

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Old 08-25-2009, 09:22 AM
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Default Re: To luisafonso: The Portuguese renegade...

Hi André!
I also miss the TE spirit, but the problem is that this site is not about photography... This is a facebook, a twitter, a virtual community where people happen to post photos. Actually, that's more or less what flickr is, although flickr is huge and really less humanized. Unless you start to know your way. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people on flickr with a lot of friends like you have here on TE. It's people that makes the community, not the sites. If you would move all the people from here to flickr and form a group (actually there is a TE group there) it would be the same. The problem is that people get scared by the size of flickr and don't act the same way as here. For example, the TE group there is almost inactive. People don't comment as they comment here...

Concerning our private group, it was working on the beginning very well, but now it's almost dead. I hope that's because people are on holidays. You need you there soldier!!!

Concerning South Africa, I am very happy about you two. Really happy. You deserve the best! :) You cannot shoot in Johannesburg - well, at least a camera - but why don't you try to do some landscape work. I saw some images of the natural parks and they seem amazing. Can be an idea and it would be amazing to have some African pictures for our thing. ;) And you can always shoot the ocean there.

Keep me posted.
Stay safe, l.
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