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Great MJR 2011-09-09 8:30

What an unusual POV for this oh so photographed spectacle.

The dramatic viewpoint more than makes up for the slightly hazy/soft focus/unsharpened final image.

But, welcome to TE, and to the UK !

Enjoy !!

kind regards


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Default To MJR: Please help!

Thank you so much for your helpful comments! In regards to the "hazy/soft focus/unsharpened final image", could I please ask for some advice? The original photo is focused and pretty sharp, the degradation happened when I tried to change the photo size to be within the limits of TE requirements...I'm a complete amateur so I don't know how to do anything really, could you provide some pointers on how to change the size of the file without degrading the quality? Only if it's not a bother to you (but it would be sincerely appreciated!)

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Default sharpen !

You seem to have fallen into the same hole that I did when I started..

I was hesitant to to be prescriptive in my first comment, but suspected as you now confirm, that resizing caused the problem. Leastways, it would be surprising if the original was faulty, so good and so easy to use as modern cameras are.

For all images use all the scope that TE alllows, all the 800 pixels, and as much of the 300kb as your image allows. Often resizing ends up with less, say only 250, but in my experience thats as small as it goes.

I don't know what software you have to hand, I can only vouch for photoshop, but most will have the same function.

Under filters, there is a submenu of 'sharpen'. The first of these is easiest, called sharpen, it just gives a subtle workover to your image, without anything options. The bottom one unsharp mask gives you the whle nine yards, but it beyond me to describe the finer points here, but play with it. Often the default settings work fine. For specific areas you might want to adjust the settings. I am no expert here, but seem to cope !

I have just used 'sharpen' on your image, as copied from TE, and posted in WS for you. If you do this on your own image the results will be better.

Some folk say the image will benefit from sharpening when still full size, that may or may not be true, but it will always benefit from doing so after resizing as so much detail is lost. But beware, overdoing will cause problems, mostly white halos around some of your details, which are a dead giveway. As sharpening introduces a whitening to the image not only is it sharper, but it can look paler, you might want to adjust for that, either beforehand or afterwards.

The great thing about digital photos, you can play about, go back repeat, try something new. And still be able to start with your original image and apply the lessons you have leaned.
Note, the more you work on a jpeg image, ( you are likely to be using jpeg, ) it will degrade the image, so play about on a copy, decide what you like, then apply it to your original.

Hope this helps ! I am no expert, but happy to help whenever you might want !

See this link to an early effort of mine. IT does not discuss sharpening, but I was so grateful for the effort that Andrew and John made with their workshops - I have never forgotten !

Are you still in UK, or back over in Oz ?

Kind regards


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