My Job in "real life"

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  • Re: ACTRESS! really do have the looks for being actress/model/talent

    Very nice:)
  • Re: My Job in "real life"
    Ofcourse it's the best part!
    Your in Greece. That's always best!
    I'm jeaulous, really!

    Can we trade? You can study muscles, tendons and bones for next week, then I fly to Greece :D
    would be great!

  • Re: It's a good trade since --
    -- I'm doing PT for a torn meniscus right now. Except for a few panoramas, I'll be missing doing shots of some of our most beautiful spots in their fall glory.

    Next time you do come to Greece, get in touch. Your photos are lovely!

    Annie R.
  • Applied linguistics student!
    That's what I do in my life.
  • Ex Cruise Ship photographer....
    Yes, I got paid to travel around the world, taking photos. Tough life I know, but as they say, someone had to do it. Still work in the same trade, but land based these days - Still jet off once in a while to the high seas.
  • Re: My Job in "real life"
    I'm studying political sciences here in Bonn. Luckily I'm always able to put aside a couple of Euros to go on holiday during my "vorlesungsfreie Zeit" (the time between semesters).
  • Petroleum Wellsite Geologist
    I am a Geologist and I work on drilling platforms in Oils & Gas Exploratin. I am currently, as I write this nore, working in the Java Sea, Indonesia, on board of the semi-submersible SEDCO 601.
  • Re: Welcome fellow geologist!
    We do seem to get around. I started with UNOCAL, and now I'm here in Greece.

  • Re: My Job in "real life"
    I'm an engineer in a semiconductor/microprocessor company. My job has allowed me to travel to interesting places. Photography is a hobby...also love sports and nature trekking.
  • Re: project manager in IT and backpacker soon
    Yan, be sure to buzz us when you drop by the Philippines. hope its part of you plan...