TE Profiles are back again :)

  • Yes, its true. We can update our TE profiles, I did mine today!
    try it out
  • Hello, I am working on fixing the profile pictures. Can someone give it a try to update their pic?

    Thanks, Brendan
  • Profile not updating.
    There is still a problem updating profiles. I have just attempted to change my e-mail address, update my profile info and add new camera and lens. Each element claimed to have worked but when I went back in none of it had actually changed.

    Edited to add:- Just checked my profile and the equipment section has updated successfully it's my profile info and e-mail address which hasn't.
  • True ! Profile editing works now !
    Thanks ever so much Brendan ! We had been waiting for you to arrive for all those years.
    You are providential !
    Kind regards.