About Christmas & New Year Wishes...

  • Hi everyone,

    Just an info about Christmas Wishes... Don't forget that TOS must be respected:

    1. Only photographs are permitted. Images may not be digitally manipulated in an image editing program ie, Photoshop except for the following reasons:
    i. Copyright notices and (straight-edged, plain) frames
    NB: Copyright/ Watermark information may contain your name, but no graphics are allowed - Frames must be plain and straight edged (simple drop shadow is allowed) - Cannot contain gradients, textures, blurring or beveling.
    Those posts not adhering to the these guidelines will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
    ii. Cropping, resizing and sharpening
    iii. Touching up (dust, slight imperfections)
    iv. Levels, Curves, Color adjustment, Hue, Saturation etc. for minor image enhancements.
    v. Multiple exposures to get proper exposure values
    vi. Stitching for panoramic photos
    vii. Color conversion to Black and White, Sepia, Duotone etc.
    viii. Perspective correction for parallax or lens distortion.

    So text is considered "Excessive post-processing" and your text inside the photos won't allowed.

    Simple text written on a frame - if not too obvious - is allowed.

    Moderation Team - Viviane

    Joyeux Noel & Meilleurs Voeux de Paix, Joie & Santé pour 2012
  • A reminder to ALL members about this.