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Old 11-15-2005, 11:40 PM
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Default Hi


my two guaranies on this,

My photos are also guilty as charged, but I usually write a note telling the situation and place where it was taken or more data to support the picture,

my photos are guilty as I mentioned (crappy ones) with crappy notes too, and they are intended sometimes to carry a message,

hope I do not bother you, but there is a report violation link that can be used,

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Old 11-15-2005, 11:50 PM
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Default ReLearn about the world through photography" they said...

ouh, Jean Yves tu es colère en ce moment... mais c'est vrai que ces temps-ci, on trouve un peu de tout dans les chats, papillons, fleurs et autres aspects exotiques qui iraient mieux sur TL où tout est permis.... Maintenant, il m'arrive de signaler à l'auteur qu'une note serait tout de même intéressante etc... Un chat pourrait éventuellement être de circonstance si la note explique le pourquoi que. Je suis toujours admiratif des photos d'enfants et de personnes d'Asie ou d'Inde... (très classes les photos en général)
mais si on fait le même travail avec notre entourage, ça devient du copinage... pourtant ceux à l'autre bout de la planète vont se marrer à nos tronches de cake...
Du coup, je doute sur mes posts maintenant, c'est malin
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Old 11-16-2005, 12:00 AM
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Default It's not quite as bad...

After reading your note I thought you were right, and that many posted images wouldn't belong here. It's often very difficult to decide what complies with the rules and what not. I do find it absolutely ridiculous that a portrait of a beautiful person can be a much appreciated image, while the same image is deleted if any family relationship to the photographer is disclosed in the note. I understand and do agree with the rule, but any family picture is absolutely acceptable if the family relationship is not mentioned in the note...
Anyway, I thought you were right, but then scrolled down through the last 5 posted pages, 90 pictures that is, and couldn't find any single one that was against the rules, or that in my opinion didn't belong on TE. So maybe the problem isn't quite as critical as you mention? Yes, there are exceptions, but are they numerous enough to lower the level of the site?
The notes are great, so maybe a minimum limit for the note, let’s say 50 or 70 words, would help. I know a few great landscape photographers who don’t post more than a few words though, and I really like seeing their images…
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Old 11-16-2005, 12:10 AM
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Default Deleting photographs that are not good

My process: Post a photo, wait one week. If less than 100 viewings and/or less than 6 points, it gets deleted.

The viewers have spoken. It's not helpful to leave these photos up. It's an evolutionary process - many are tried, few are chosen.

The exception is where there's one I really like - if it's a personal favourite it stays up regardless.

I've taken probably 10 or more images out of my profile over time.
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Old 11-16-2005, 12:15 AM
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Default "Learn about the world through photography" they said...

Within TE and the TOS there are people from 10 to >65. There are people with top education others with none. There are men, there are women. There are people of different cultures. etc etc etc etc

Jean Yves: The TOS is very open in the way to understand it.

Stronger rules or "report your next" is no way to go as I see it.

Some rules for notes is a little step, it wan't change the main frame of TE.

Maybe another way of sorting is to 'divisionalise TE' - but doing so will mean include and exclude and then again probably no good.

So maybe we are back to educate a little over time. Maybe one way could be to use this forum to other items than the most prosaic questions often accompanied by some dumb childish nonsense - some seems to mean that the more unserious humour the better for the forum.
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Old 11-16-2005, 12:46 AM
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Default Use the Button

The only solution? The Report Violation button.

This is the best way. In borderline situations, we can include a little line in the note alerting the member of this fact saying that the image is probably more suitable for TL or TN, and not hit the button.

Besides the categories TOS forbid (pets, family, etc.) most of the pictures are suitable for TE, especially if accompanied by a note. Of course, the examples of people posting their sister photo but mentioning it’s a portrait of an inhabitant of X country it’s impossible to detect, except, maybe with time.

If the image is titled, blurred, etc, will depend on the artistic expression of the member (or the inability to take a focused, straight image…). We must not forget the artistic side, beyond the documental one. These are personal choices and do not exclude a photo “per se” from TE.

Making notes with some extent obligatory is not a good idea. Nowadays we see some members adding the complete EXIF info to the note, as extra info. If this were obligatory people would do this just to comply with the rule not adding any real information about the place.

Again, alerting and requesting the member to write notes, and explaining that its important and how people appreciate it is the best way.

All this has worked well along time. Maybe people got relaxed, and many haven’t used the “Report Violation” button yet, which together with the huge amount of daily postings may create some problems. I think it’s time for people to use it wisely, but… use it.
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Old 11-16-2005, 01:23 AM
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Default Who will decide?

Who is REALLY capable of making the decision JY? Which photos teach us about the world and which dont? I believe every photo dos teach us something as long as a note is there to explain to the viewer what he is supposed to learn. I was wandering what you see as acceptable and unacceptable. landscapes? portraits? street photography? experimental photography? Please tell me, Im curious. Im probably guilty as charged, along with others who like to post weird photos that you describe as tilted horrors or blurred stuff (always with notes though), but then again, wouldnt this site be lacking something if it was 90% landscapes? I dont ever plan on doing landscape photography. Not that I dislike it, its just not my style.
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Old 11-16-2005, 03:13 AM
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Default Re: "Learn about the world through photography"

Salut Jean Yves,
I concur with everything you said except the bit about "tilted horrors"!!!
For some reason I feel concerned...;o)))
I would have thought that TN and TL were designed precisely for that purpose. Calling on Adam now seems futile except perhaps to ask him to deal more harshly with obious infractions.
But basically you are absolutely right.
I "TILT" my hat to you,
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Old 11-16-2005, 04:29 AM
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Default Re: "Learn about the world through photography" ...

I do understand your POV that I indicated already before but it won't work like this.

Violations ?
TOS is open for a lot of interpretations

No points and remark:
against TOS, you should encourage people, asking politly for other shots to learn about the world, that is still possible. Know that harsh critiques will also be removed as violation of the TOS.

Short notes:
some even asked for not adding a note as the shot tells the whole story, maybe true but it gives some arkward feeling to people who spend so much work on a good guiding note, sometimes done with a lot of research.

Short critiques:
Even 'I like the colors' is on the edge but admitted as a critique.

TE has not the target to restrict itself but to be open as much as possible to any kind of approach as an open community within the TOS, rude violations are indeed removed as reported but it has to be very clear then.

Personally I still plead for an extension of catagories, so many are placed under daily life, nature, architecture as the choices are so limited here.

Good chosen categories can indicate more your aim, your target in photography and help to browse them out.
some examples of more usefull catogories to add would be f.i.

- B&W
- informative
- experimental
- culture
...... who tells more ?

sorting them out as a combination of categories like informative + ceremony would be a pleasant feature then.
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Old 11-16-2005, 05:43 AM
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Default Re: Who will decide?

Hi JY,

I think that you have a point in a way, but ...

I think that different people try to teach different things. Look at my latest 2 photos. Exactly what you wrote: blurry bightmares. But I still think they have educational value. In your photography you show us the tangible world. Your photos are beautiful, rich in colors, nice compositions. Good stuff. But others may go for something different. I try to show the intangible, the feel, the emotion of a place, a situation. I feel that this is just as valuable. I hope that I succeed and I hope that TE will not become too restrictive. I think there is room for all kinds of photos, those that teach us about the physical look of a place, and those that teach us about the emotional feel of a place or situation or moment. Doesnt this add spice and variety to TE?
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