Points given and points recieved.

  • For some time I tried to post diffirent photos to see if some photos were given more points than others. But that did not happen.
    Now I have been looking through many pages of critics it seems that critics with green smiley and 2 points is mainly given by members with thousands or tens of thousands points to members with thousands or tens of thousands points. Thats one of the reasons that I now mainly use another web for my photos. The other reason is the rigid rules of TE that is used without any sense. One photo Temple dog was removed for 3 weeks, I was only given 1 week to answer. I have now removed all photos containing birds, animals and flowers because I dont need TE for my photos. But what should the moderators do if the photos stop coming ?? Maybe the should give that idea a long and hard thought everytime they are using their rigid rules.