star me kitten bug

  • I got an e-mail about a picture of mine that, because there was a cat in it, seemed to violate the TOS. When I tried to reply through the link provided in your automted mail, I got this mumbo jumbo:

    "Cannot execute fquery2You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 't consider this to be one. I hope you appreciate my arguments.

    Al' at line 2INSERT INTO post (threadid, username, userid, title, dateline, visible, pagetext, parentid) VALUES (941729, 'BennyV', 95904, ' Request: BennyV challenges "star me kitten" photo', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()), 1"

    Because I couldn't reply, I include what I wanted to say below.

    I hope the copied text above might be of help to solve one of the many bugs that trouble TE these days. Now let's hope this works...



    I suppose you are familiar with my posts on TE, so you know my main topic is China and all things Chinese. I particularly like shooting portraits of people.

    This one is a bit different, as it is a kind of portrait not of a person, but of a cat. I posted this shot on TE because it has lots of "Chinese" ambience and mood: the colour scheme, the towels and the large Chinese character in the bg.

    The cat itself is a mere coincidence, just something I spotted while travelling, and certainly NOT the reason why I posted the shot. In fact, I even hate cats!

    I am familiar with the TOS and I stand behind them, so of course I know that pictures of pets do not belong on the site. But, as explained above, I don't consider this to be one. I hope you appreciate my arguments.

    All the best

  • Hello Benny,

    Sorry for the bug... We could see that you have tried 5 time to send your request but your response was not visible so thank you for your explanation.

    As soon as at least 3 moderators are online they will be able to discuss your photo and give their opinion.
    Thank you for being patient...

    Friendly greetings,
  • Hello Benny,
    A consensus has been found.
    Your photo has been reinstated but you should add some note about the reasoning behind the photo has you told about in your posting above...

    Thank you in advance & friendly greetings,
    The Mod Team
  • Gracias.