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  Jribeirosantos 2006-05-03 12:35

Hello Freddy ..
Capri and the Grutta Azzurra were one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!



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Default To BrianGraney: getting used to my camera?

are you joking dude? It seems to be getting more complicated...! I am being a complete girl with it and failing to understand the basics about it actually....aperture, shutter speed...its doing my head in! no, no...this was a complete fluke so I wont pretend it was intentional... I refused to read the manual at first and am slowly admitting to defeat as it is clearly way more advanced than me! As an ex-product design student (yeah, I know!) I feel that there is a flaw in its design if the user needs to refer to the manual...this is SO not the case with cameras.

"the low viewpoint" ...well...this is becomming my motto... "at 5ft nothing, the only way is down" :)
not sure about cropping the little hooded girl out...I kind of liked the humour that one kid is nice and dry (with toy) and the other one is getting wet.

"the notes"...well, I went through a period where I felt my photos were pretty cr*p and I wanted to load them just to have a little rant, so I wrote lots of notes (perhaps to cover up the fact that the photos were cr*p). However, I am having my own little experiment to see if my pictures can stand up for themselves...? besides, I dont really have much to say on the fairground series...I could have just wrote "cold & wet" I guess!

tara for now ;)
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Default Re: To BrianGraney: getting used to my camera?

Hi Kaj,

Just keep on shooting and trying out the menus!
I'm on my second digital SLR and still need to take the manual with me to remind me which button does what.
I've only just learnt how to change the focus point, and don't ask me about parameters...... but if you're not careful you can let the technology get in the way of imagination and that's not the idea.
I do like the girl on the right, but just wondered how it would look with just the wet plastic hood with the eye peeping out: I may even try a workshop sometime to see!

And the notes - I just think it helps to give some background info to the shot.

Saying why you pressed the shutter, or what you were feeling at the time can be interesting. And it can stop you from posting a boring photo - if you can't find anything to say about it, why should you expect anyone else to be able to?

I'm sure this has saved me from posting shots that maybe aren't as good as I thought (hmm........or perhaps not when I look at some of my older ones....!)

Sorry I didn't mean this to go on for so long or become a lecture. :>)
Rant over. Time for bed.

Keep snapping!
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