Norway: Mountains - Fjords - Waterfalls - Sea bird island

  • 8 or 9th - 14th of May 2010

    Experience some of the most exciting landscapes in Norway

    Bird Island Runde - Photo by TEmember©Smarcell

    You are invited to participate in a travel to some very interesting parts of my country.
    I have planned a trip in my car from Oslo to my mountain cottage in Nord Aurdal with 1 overnight stay at my place. From here we go to the sea bird island Runde (short video here >>) by the Atlantic coast - via our most famous Fjord: Geiranger. (Short video here >>)
    This day we will pass several mountains, fjords and waterfalls on our way out to the small bird island Runde at the west coast by the Atlantic Ocean.
    In Geiranger we will "Cruise" on the fjord with a car ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt.
    This time of the year it will still be a lot of snow in the mountains and the waterfalls along the route will be at their best. At the sea bird island Runde(some TE photos here >>) we will explore the bird life in the spring. We will stay for 2 or 3 nights at the island (eventully include the coast town Alesund 1 night) before returning to Oslo (1 nightover close to the airport)

    Overnight stays will be in camping cabins or hostels of good standard (and of course the 1 stay in my original Norwegian mountain cottage).
    There are several very low price air fares to Oslo (Rygge) by Ryanair or by Norwegian (check out flight times, prices etc locally) from all over Europe.

    From Oslo we will do the travel by car - which means that we can be 4 persons in the car (comfortably). I'll arrange pick up and return to the airport.

    You can find all the places mentioned in BOLD on a google map. You may list your interest here or by contacting me at my profile page.

    I’m sure going with a local you will experience details you not always find by yourself ;-)

  • Norway
    Hi Jack,

    I might be interested. I say "might" because there are a couple of questions.
    I am, in the mean time 70 years old!! and not very sportive.
    Question: is that a hindrance???
    Question: what are the estimated costs (except air fares)?
  • Hi John
    Good to hear from you John - the trip will be low cost and fitted for all.
    Let's see if it have more interest before we fix any further details.

  • Trip
    This sounds very interesting to me. I live near Stavanger, and have only been in Norway for 2 years. I am also approaching 70, but reasonably fit. Habve you had many takers?

    Hilsen, Amelia
  • ..I'll be in touch
    Hi A.
    I'll forward within the next days an e-mail to you and John with some details and suggestions for making this trip.
  • Photo-Video from the trip
    There was not many birds to see. Seems like the climate changes also have influence for the sea birds.

    Still a close up of a "great skua" and the landscape made it worth the trip to the west coast. Take a look here:

    Runde - an exciting island at the West coast, Norway >>
  • I've been living in Stavanger for 4 months already and i'd be glad to visit Norway. I've got a question: what is the average age group for the tour?
    Regards, Parkyr.
  • I live near Stavanger, and have only been in Norway for 2 years. I am also approaching 70, but reasonably fit. Habve you had many takers??