Ricohflex Super.

  • I find it curious that of all the 1950s TLRs available, you should also use a Ricohflex. While mine is a VII, the Super is esentially the same I think, apart from having one extra shutter speed of 1/200 and a cold shoe.

    Are you using it with the Color Back 35mm adapter, or native 120?

    It is a hopefully recognizable Ricohflex my cat logo is carrying.
  • Re: Ricohflex Super.
    please . could you send me a larger version of your Ricohlfex Super Logo Cat (?) - I would print it and pin it on the wall. BTW I love this new Ricohflex, because its the first box that works perfectly (focus), even the YashicaMat didnt (with me). I use it with 120 film. I guess, this would be a good portrait camera, too.