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  • Hi there,

    Just saying goodbye to all members. I'm changing to Photoholik.... if they let me in of course. :-)

    I do not relate to TE motto of "Learning about the world...." anymore. I want to learn about photography and therefore, Photoholik seems a much better place to be, where emphasis is given to theme structure, originality and technical ability instead of back tapping, pointing and random posting.

    Nevertheless, I'm very thankful for everything that TE has given me all these months, a site I still consider to be one of the best in internet, amazingly structured. I will keep the gallery and who knows... perhaps some day I'll be back.

    Have splendid lives.

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    É pena pois eu divertia-me com as tuas fotos. Tens um estilo muito diferente e por isso mesmo muito interessante. Quando estiveres no Photoholik diz-nos como é que te podemos ver por lá.
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    Enjoy Photoholik! Take care - best wishes KEv
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    Have a goog trip!
  • Re: Saying goodbye...
    A good trip, and not a goog trip!!
    So silly! Lol!!!
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    Yes, you are very welcome there, on PH, Nuno brother.
    It's an <B>égalité</B> photography site <I>sensu stricto</I> and you and your photos ( as the whole package !) will find a good environment to display, to interact and to share your passion with the others.
    It's not a huge site ( comparatively) but, clean as a whistle - without that annoying, idiotic presence of completely worthless snapshots awarded with many dozens of the madly grinning monkies from the photo experts on TE (!), and without the tons of garbage posted on Flickr by the minutes.

    If you are into an ambitious yet somehow classical photography - there is no better place around.


    We'll be honored to have someone like you buddy, among us.

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    So Nuno,

    No more papagolfades (what the hell are those?), no more landscapes which damn well should be good, what the thousands of dollars invested for the equipment? No more photos of friends and pets? No more whiny asses begging for attention? This is sarcasm, of course. :)

    Yeah, I agree. It's not because of the change in format, or anything else going on with TE and legalities, etc. It's the utter boredom and lack of imagination here. But Jesus Nuno, can't you leave all in dramatics threatening to "push the button" and all that? You know I'm laughing. :)

    It's no big thing, people change all the time. I'll see you around.

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    Nice to have here Nuno - and the best with so many other former members at PL..

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    I'll be happy to meet you on Photoholik Nuno ! And others too :-)
    It's a very good site like George explained it already. I am not very active there these days, but working slowly on a couple of ideas.
    Like you I have enjoyed TE very very much but these days the concept is not so attractive anymore, and many interesting people have left or slowed down their presence, so...

    See you around soon then. !
  • Re: Saying goodbye...
    it doesn't matter where you go , where you stay , where you are left behind ...

    it doesn't matter,
    isolating yourself in the bullshit of trendy obtrusive nostalgic copiers
    throwing yourself in the wide open garbage of life locking spammers
    being left behind as a motherless crying oracle child veiled by hells angels

    <b>it doesn't matter .... as long as you know who you are and what you want,</b>

    you float anywhere,
    in any sea of bullshit (it takes bullshit to recognize bullshit),
    in any sea of garbage, oracles, spam, lies, plebs, mouth-shooters, virtual lover's exchange,
    in any sea of exploitation, manipulation, competition, vox populi ...

    it doesn't matter ... be yourself and enjoy ... anywhere …
    choose - use your environment to share yourself , you're free to leave the environment that uses you