To oochappan: gimmick

  • No problem at all with your opinion, I know you are more in a "classical" way, and I know too in TE there is a taste for something else.
    I don't try to seak attention, you know, I just try to shot in the moment ,using the way I feel good for this picture.
    The next will can be very different;we already spoke about that like a style.
    Here, I wanted :
    Keeping this particular lightening coming from behind, almost BW but not' it'sbecause I don't want to change in BW
    Keeping this really esthetic inclinated posture of the man and angle of the boat
    I wanted absolutely to crop the two angles of the sail and have a small part of sand
    of course having the second man in the picture to equilibrate and keep the connection between us
    This is original version,may be I could have had the complete second man while shooting, but the crop of the sail was no good for me.
    Indeed, shooting with the complete second man could have been a security, we can always crop aftyer; here I cannot recreate body and head!
    Thanks for your direct critic,they are too much few on TE; it's the only way to progress
    Have a good day
    Did you buy a 5D? First impressions?