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  • Nice site, Adam. I have a few reservations though.
    1) Resolution: I don't have any pic at 700x300 and find it a quite lame resolution. Take my best pic at 2000x1500 and shrink it and it might become an eyesore.
    2) Submission: 3 pics per day! What? Do y
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    And where is the rest of my message, God browse it?
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    Hi Antonio. Well to answer your comments: Generally there are 2 types of photo websites out there, ones where you can 'dump' your photos raw jpg mode, and those 'critique' sites where you need to be rather selective about what you upload. 700 pixels is pretty much the max that people can see on their monitors, so anything larger will cause horizontal scrolling and not be easy to view entirely. The 3 photo limit is there so people become selective about what they upload, and not just 'dump' all their photos on at once. This way other members will have time to digest and critique those photos that have been uploaded. Thanks for your input.
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    As to the image size: looking at the stats for my web site most people have 1024x768 with 1280x1024 almost tied, together accounting for 62% of the visitors. I respectfully disagree also with your point about image submission. Making the submission process more difficult keeps off your site good and bad images alike. The reviewing system should just serve the purpose of having bad images simply sink to the bottom of any ranking and practically (or even physically) disappear from the site. You should think in terms of the possibility offered by your system as to universal access and collective reviewing rather than using the traditional approach of a brick and mortar gallery.
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    Yes, but after taking into account browser toolbars, status bars, top and left menus etc, it is much less than those figures. And so this will cause horizontal scrolling which is not good.
    As for the 2nd part of your posting, are you referring to the 3 photo per day limit, or the size limit? It is technically possible to get any size images and then have the computer resize it to a smaller size, but it's better for the photographer themselves to sharpen their photo as they see fit.
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    Regarding image size.
    I have some 456kb images i would like to upload, but the max size is 150kb(?). So how do i convert a 456kb jpeg image to 150kb, or is this not possible?
    Thanks, Paul
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    You should use an image editing program such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to adjust your image ie cropping, hue/saturation adjustment etc. Once you are satisfied with your image, choose 'Save As' or 'Save for Web' and choose the 'JPEG' format. Choose the lowest quality at which you don't see any JPEG artifacts. This will lower the size to something more reasonable, usually around 40 - 80 kb.
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    Also, you should resize your image to around 700 pixels and use 'Unsharp Mask' afterwards to sharpen your image.
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    Thanks adam!
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    Thanks for your help. I have re-sized my "test" images and uploaded them.
    Also, I had to choose a "state" but "cheshire" was not listed under the united kingdom options, yet places like wrexham (cough) were!

    Some nice piccies here though.