Merry Cemetery

  • What do you think about this cemetery?????????
    First, I want to explain my demarche regarding this post.
    I am making a research, for my disertation paper, regarding the perception of this cemetery.

    So, I have several questions, very simple
    1. Where did you find out about this cemetery??? (Tv, mass-media, internet, travel agencies etc)
    2. Do you consider that this cemetery is joyfull or not???
    3.What do you think - is it art-passion or handicraft?
    4.What elements drew your attention first?? ornamental elements, the text (epitaph), "the roof", colors etc???
    5.What do you think that the so called "Sapanta blue" means???
    6. Your general impressions about this cemetery

    Thank you so much for your comments..

    P.S. Any comment is welcomed
    Best regards,
    Marinela Paraschiv


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