To EstudioChispa: Reg. Mother and Daughter Chennai, India

  • Hello EstudioChispa,
    Thank you for your concern, comments and useful workshop.
    Of course the picture is a little thin and washed-out. In comparison with my picture, your improved version looks vibrant, bright and colorful with increased saturation and contrast as well as selective dodging and burning. What I would like to learn from you is the use of right editing software and the right procedure followed to achieve this result! Thank you once again for the much useful workshop and comments. Kindly keep reviewing my pictures.
  • Saturation, contrast, dodging, and burning are all tools in most software for post-processing. If you have the money, buy Photoshop. I do not have the money, so I use a free software called GIMP that can be downloaded from the internet. Using any post-processing software takes some practice and some knowledge, but (I am proof!) it can be learned. There are tutorials on YouTube and I even checked out a book from my local library.

    Good luck to you! You have a great eye for a good foto! I will continue to watch what you post!

    Best regards,
    Austin, Texas


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