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Great Yuanclarkson 2006-04-09 4:09

Many people called and knew that the Mekong River has been renamed to Nine Dragons but this is the first time I saw it appears under such a title. Your quoted text is even more informative with Thomas' explanation of the incorrect count: only Seven Rivers — probably because the number SEVEN in Chinese language maybe understood as 'failure'?

I saw you embeded the link for Vietnamese translation, but wonder how did you obtain Mc'Neill's original text. Did you find it somewhere, or you typed it yourself?


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Default To Yuanclarkson: Yes and no to your question

Hi Yuan:

In silence, I appreciate your watching of my poor pictures, and the accompaying notes. I love reading more than photography, simply because the war stole my chance (and time) to complete any education to its end. While reading, I learned, and I don't want to hold and lock up all experience others transmitted to me and credited to my empty mind. In turn, I want to 'tell' what I learned from them, to next listeners. That's why most of the times you have detected that my photos had no photographic value: I only borrowed them to share some info — the type of information that educated and smart scholars already knew since their school days — but to me, they are... if not breaking news, I would say that fresh discoveries to me. In other words, I didn't find anything new, just my stupid wows at times of surprise. You may laugh at me, but this is true, not a joke. So, am I deserved to your credit? — No!

Regarding the Thomas Mc'Neill's original text, it's unavailable online. I typed it with two-finger speed, from my bookshelf. Arriving the US in late 1990, I was lucky to make a full collection of National Geographic Magazine, beginning with the issue of the month and year when my son was born, Jan 1980. When I needed other issues before that date, I bid in eBay. Many times, reading more than a copy, I only found a few paragraphs that fit my "short note" in TrekEarth. Now, you have my 'yes' to your question.

Thanks for your time and interest. Please continue to support, by pointing out whenever I get off track, falling toward selfish and serving nobody with nothing — just to abuse your kindness to show off that I am a kind of MS — master of something.


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