To veronika: That sea

  • Yes, they are fantastic places. Each year, with the same boat, I come back just there, I like that blue, I like that sea, I like dreamin' so...
    Kisses, Freddy
  • Re: To veronika: That sea
    I absolutely understand, ive been there once, 2 years ago, but would love to come back and i will go for the same boat trip again! :)
    I havent been in blue one (cave) but i will, sometime, for sure..
    Take care,
  • Re: To veronika: That sea
    I made a click from the blue water, just into the blue cave... really wonderful! A colour that it cannot found in nature. I really love those places, where every years I swim like a dolphin.
    Ciao Vero!
    Nice to spend with you impressions.

    ..excuse my english :-)