To sagar: hello

  • Hi Sagar,
    Thanks for asking. They are all indoors surrounded by water! I love that experience of monsoon, water logged streets, schools close. barite boshe khichuri ar dim bhaja! kotodin khaini!
  • Re: To sagar: hello
    Ajkei amader raater menu-Khichuri ar dim bhaja!!!!Shotti ei menutar kono tulona hoina.
    If you love monsoons- try to find some time and make a trip to Orchha in MP.You'll love the place.
  • Re: To sagar: hello
    iish! khichuri khaccho? ami to october e desh e jabo. tokhon monsoon pabo? tachara ei bar himalaya dekhar khub shokh! koekdin er matro chuthi! dekhi.
    keep posting sagar. i see an improvement in your pictures, you have learned post-processing (may be from Indro). The workshop you did was very nice.
    keep in touch.
    enjoy your khichuri!
  • Re: To sagar: hello
    Ekhon October ei monsoon!!Agerbar pujote tindin brishti hoye chhilo.Thanks for the appreciation.Ei improvement er onekta tomar credit.
    Bhalo theko!