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Needs Improvement Polonaise 2008-01-11 10:33

It's good that you've explained what this is - actually !!

Incredibly poor presentation...

It's NOTHING !!!!

From corner to corner to corner !!

What a contrast with your previous productions !!


BW in 2008, Adam.
Regain yourself..,.


Old 01-11-2008, 05:42 PM
AdamBurton AdamBurton is offline
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Default To Polonaise: George

Thanks for the thumbs up George.

Explain yourself? What are you talking about?
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Old 01-11-2008, 06:37 PM
Polonaise Polonaise is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

Read my critique again... And again.. And...


What you've have done in there is to aim certain mechanical device (called 'a camera') to register certain shape of molecules or elements of some kind.
Upon transferring the image of that ‘something’ to the internet, you had to explain in writing - what is it, because there is no way in hell that we, the public –will know what it is !!!
Some ugly blue patches of some kind ???


Iceberg is huge and this babe is just few inches wide and long…
Iceberg is white (contrasting charmingly with the blue ocean waters (sometimes with emerald shades of them).
I know… I’ve seen the pictures with icebergs BILLON times !!!
Yes… There is as many as BILLION pictures on earth with the icebergs in them !!!
And the new ones are coming with the alarming rate of few hundreds per minute…!!! (:-))))

Basically… If you show them to kindergarten kids – they will recognize them as the icebergs without telling them : It’s an iceberg…
Why ?
Because iceberg is HUUUUUUGE (and not few inches wide and long) and it’s WHITE and not… Whatever the heck that color is !

Is that good enough of an explanation or should I continue…?


Keep smiling, Adam…
Life itself is too serious to take it seriously…

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Old 01-11-2008, 07:37 PM
Manamo Manamo is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

It certainly is none of my business, but I've seen you claiming that snow and ice is always blue all over this site. I'm not gonna make a huge argument about that, but I just wanted to show you something. Nat Geographic is not a bad reference when it comes to this kind of shot:
and here is another way better:
It's easy to explain (we learn it at school and since I'm a scientist, it's the kind of stuff I remember). Icebergs can be white, lightblue or aqua/green. When it is white, it's because snow is covering it...
Blue is because there is gas compressed inside the ice. Sometimes, algae is even able to grow in the ice, which give the aqua/green color, but that's only when it's turned downside up...
That was only to explain the blue thing...

But I agree this is far from being Adam's most appealing shot.


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Old 01-12-2008, 08:02 AM
AdamBurton AdamBurton is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

No need to continue George, I think I get it that you're purposefully attacking me for some issue other than this shot. You are wanting to provoke a reaction in me for some reason. Your critique is no critique - its a personal attack for whatever reason.

I dont come on here to get attacked. Critique I can handle, but not this sort of aggression.

You can pat yourself on the back as you have driven me away from this site.

Keep smiling in 2008
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Old 01-13-2008, 07:27 AM
jernej jernej is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

Hi Adam;
I am little bit of surprised that you are affected by this kind of provocations so much. Personally I think that this page is actually very selfish one - people pumping their ego by giving and harvesting points for photos that are much worse than this iceberg. But majority of them know that their work is not valuable - so they need to ease the frustrations. Anyway this is OK with me since I do not care about other peoples problems (if they are not close to me of course). The real problem that I have with this page is that it is very hard to learn from critiques that are not sincere. But still I can look at pictures that I like, study them and try to improve mine. So I ignore the bad side and still post from time to time - even if I decided to stop a couple of times. And believe me a lot of people admire your work here, we have learned a lot from you and it would be a pity if you stop posting. Maybe you can find motivation for posting here ;).

As for the iceberg shot - I must admit that I do not like it but would never give such an angry critique like George did.

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Old 01-13-2008, 09:43 AM
luisafonso luisafonso is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

You can pat yourself on the back as you have driven me away from this site.
I would like to point you a hundred reasons why you shouldn't take that step but, to be honest, I can't really find any other than a selfish one: I and several other members - George included - love your work and it would be a pity to loose such a talented photographer here on this space. They are so few...

Regarding George's "critique", please don't take it that seriously. You can either ignore it or use a de-george-nizer. What he really meant was (without the silly extra empty paragraph lines):

Hi Adam,
the subject is a bit difficult to understand this time. We are not used to see such abstract works from you and I really think you didn't pass the message this time.
In my opinion, you could well present it differently. It's poor the way it is now. I would prefer to see a broader view here we could really see the iceberg magnitude...
The way it is, it's just a piece of blue ice! :)
What a contrast with your previous productions.
BW in 2008, Adam.

See? No big deal. :)
C'mon Adam, forget/ignore this silly thread and keep on sharing some light with us once in a while.
Thanks, l.
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Old 01-15-2008, 02:54 PM
lucinka lucinka is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

Hello Adam,

Your recent posts, even there were very few (unfortunately), seem to create very contradictory reactions. You have simply set the standards too high. The fact that you hardly ever comment on other people's work is probably also displeasing factor for many people here and that might have been one of the reasons for rather bizarre reaction of George. One way or the other, you should rise above and share with us your art as you are one of very few photographers here on this site that is favorite of more 500 people.. you've got even more than me :-)

Looking forward for your next post, hopely in very near future !!

BW 2008 !!
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Old 01-17-2008, 03:20 AM
capthaddock capthaddock is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

I echo Lucie's comments exactly. You've set a high standard, this shot is fine, but lacks that knock them off the chair reaction of your previous uploads, that said, I've never been able to undarstand "Polonasise"'s postings, critiques, comments whatever, they seem to be in english, they're "interesting" I suppose, to read, but I suppose I should be smoking something illegal to make any sense of them, am I the only one? (I hope this is not interpreted as an attack on that member, it's definitely not my intention)
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Old 01-18-2008, 02:23 PM
rgarrigus rgarrigus is offline
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Default Re: To Polonaise: George

You're not alone. I'm probably just not intelligent enough but I find his critiques/comments quite binary ("great" or "crap") but incredibly artistically worded. That part makes them enjoyable to read but I seriously doubt he'd ever enjoy my work and I'm sure I wouldn't learn much from the verbal slamming I'd receive if one of my images ever crossed his screen. (Please don't tell him I post images to TE!!!)

Duck! I think I hear him coming.

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