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Default original post activity - part V

designsoul (21338)
[2007-01-28 14:40]
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I don't really know, George, what to start with... should I try to write about the feelings that this shot evokes, or should I say that your presence here on TE has become so essential for us and so priceless? That your shots never seem to whisper but always bang the pages in a more symponic, allegro mode? It's great to have you here, dear friend.
As to the shot, ah, too much to say. Feelings well up... those big glasses, the hat (we call "kucsma" in Hungarian, and you?), the freshly ironed lines in his trousers likely by his devoted wife raising their children, and yes, that little handbag, that omnipresent object that surely never leaves his hand, filled with books, writings he has done, observations he had during the days... what a shot... that street, the old buildings I so miss, the old cars passing by while he surely would never change, carrying his bag full of history, full of pages that can never be erased, however painful.
One of your very strongest works, dear George. What can come AFTER this????!!! I am sure you still have a few surprises...
Take care,

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sabyasachi1212 (19389)
[2007-01-29 4:02]
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Congratulations Dear George, you are a year old I guess. So act like a grown up or you never know when you will end up in the 'comments only'!! Jokes apart, this is a fine old shot. It has been a privilege watching some of your older posts, perhaps none better than this. Is it that cold in September, somehow this place seems cold - perhaps due to the deseted streets, the stony exterior - all the warmth seems to be coming from this man.
Stay Well, Stay Cool
Best Regards

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ben4321 (9199)
[2007-01-29 5:43]

It's impossible to write bland "nice photo" comments about any of your images George, and this is especially the case with this one.
It's such a powerful image, and combined with your notes, very thought provoking.
The central placement of the man and his strong direct stare give this a strong impact. I'm sure as he walked the streets, he was often ignored, with the people rushing past too busy to acknowledge him (as you were until this day), but here, immortalised on celloloid, and thanks to modern technology, in pixels, he is impossible to ignore.
The blurred car rushing past, and the movement of his foot, give the image an understated dynamism which I like a lot.
Almost forgot to mention the colour. Colour is always a strong point of your images, and here, desaturated almost to the point of becoming monochrome, it gives the image a superb atmosphere and texture.
One of your best George, powerful stuff.


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Dubsie (336)
[2007-01-29 6:06]

Hey George,
Congratulations on your first year in TE. I am comparitevely new to TE and from the various comments I realised that you would be a very interesting person to follow, so I did some 'homework' and forayed into your gallery. I remember leaving notes for your Holocaust series and remembering many other but this time with added vigour I vetured into your 'territory' and a what an interesting ride it has been.
First I thought...ah! he photographs people on street, but then you suddenly show me city moments...(people and city are inseparable, I tell myself, and move on). But you then show me few of the best architecture shots I've seen and I again fail to slot you (what a dissappointment!) but strangely enough I feel good.
Because you, imho, photograph beauty...not nature's beauty (no disrespect to anyone pls, I shoot nature extensively)...but beauty that you see and create in your mind and eventually 'make' it by that one click of the shutter. Not many would caption a photograph "Rockies" and show immense human power as a foreground and beautify 'nature'. So I find you do this 'making beautiful' business awfully well.
And then my foray finally brings me to this photograph - well you see, wise old men like him, surrounded by old cars, around stone walled buildings and pavements, with a 1940's sky all appear (as a sheer coincidence, mind you) only for photographers like you. And you end up getting the right tone and perfect compostion...boy you are so Lucky!!! It's all luck I tell myself ;)
May there bepastadog (10931)
[2007-01-29 9:38]

This one looks almost like a B&W, George, as probably there really was a lot of B&W&grey there in the seventies. Even the sky in this case - and that's good for the compo. Your subject is fantastic and funny with those glasses and that pose, almost like taken from some tale. Congratulations for the first TE year and TFS! Daniel

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cuneyt-sb (6946)
[2007-01-30 4:54]

Hi George
Im fallowing ur post from the start being member of TE ,
But my english is not enough to write what i feeld about ur photos , and i didnt want u miss understand me, anyway today ill start writing comments to you hope we wont have communikation problem, all ur post is great , all the feelings is superb in ur shoots, u showing us how photograph should be taken , this is lesson for us , im still begening of way , but i thing ill goes on this way ,
One more great compo and great POV , colors and idea is perfect, Thanks for sharing all this lovely photos, essipacialy old turkey posts and ur comments about them , and ur feelings when ur were in Turkey 1977
Best regards , Hope keep in touch with u after now and long periots in Te
Bye for now

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john_c (24616)
[2007-01-30 10:28]

Hi George,
Congrats on your anniversary. I hope you continue to tweak the tails of the tigers and titollate us with your amazing photos, humour and observations...You caught this fellow at a decisive moment. He has so much character and yet seems to be bearing the burden of many years and hardships. The side view of the buildings and vehicles is superbly represented. A most effective shot apropos your anniversary.

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batalay (15070)
[2007-01-30 19:09]

Dear George,

How you pull out rabbit after rabbit, after rabbit from your top hat. This is a gem from thirty-years ago. I am very happy to see shots from your roots, as well as those of the 'New World.' Unhappily, the image on which we collaborated was deleted, "having been posted before." Even though I had specified in bold caps "NO POINTS PLEASE," it was going through the roof, people saying the collaboration worked! It was a remarkable photo, but I should have been more careful with the rules. With your previous comments in mind, I just posted a new photo, a tribute to my friend, Norman Ramsey. When you get a chance, take a look at Genius!, but when you have 45 minutes to read a lengthy note.

I owe you many green smileys, I will be back after I am allowed some again...

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jmcl (11904)
[2007-01-31 2:22]


I have dropped in and looked at this wondrous man a number of times the last few days .. and I finally think I can articulate at least something of my fascination with him .. it is the way he seems to leap from the environment .. an environment he seems like a natural part of . and yet he is anchored there for me by of all things the the blur of the bag and his foot .. really fascinating and wise image. What a stunningly interesting human he is.

take care,


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jackart (4141)
[2007-01-31 3:26]

Cześć George!

Właściwie - to co tu pisać? Że kadr, że światło że klimat? Słowa zbędne. Absolutnie powalające!

Podziwiam Cię

...i pozdrawiam

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jhm (67844)
[2007-01-31 6:50]

Hi George,

I'm a very great fan of the story during WAR II, I've many videos and many books about this terrible period in my life, I've the WAR live go through, splendid archive picture, you did very well addition this image! Very well done!


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Graal (43195)
[2007-01-31 9:27]

Czesc Jurku,
gratulacje. Rocznicowe i za ta prace. Archiwum i reporter z klasa. Czuje sie maluczki patrzac na Twoj dorobek. Chyle czola i pozdrawiam.

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tigra (2946)
[2007-02-02 3:10]

Hello George
My congratulations with your first anniversary!!!
I'm really happy to meet you here. Your images are so impressive and touching!
It's always imteresting and pleasant to open your page and find a new emotional capture..

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Henryk_Bilor (19174)
[2007-02-02 3:25]

Witaj Jerzyku
Dla mnie bomba. Swietna facjata czlowieka w kapitalnym, surowym otoczeniu z poruszona syrenka. Ekstra ujecie, az sobie dodalem do ulubionych :).

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xavshot (48260)
[2007-02-02 15:45]

Bonsoir George
je découvre cette photo ce soir et je lui trouve une atmosphère impressionnante. On dirait une scène d'un film : les teintes et la position du personnage sont superbes. Bravo, une photo qui sort de l'ordinaire ; j'apprécie.

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