To fkostas: hello!!

  • I appreciate your comments and I'm glaad you like the photo. I disagree with you about Angkor, but it's fair to have an opinion. I think Angkor is really a huge art of the subject and context. Furthermore it balances the compo. So, it balances the picture both visually and conceptually.

    Can you give me the link you're talking about? I really would like to know what you are tlaking about...


  • Re: To fkostas: hello!!
    Hi Marc,

    Here is the link:

    You have to have a degree in something other than photography related courses. What if you are more worldly and a better photographer, but no degree? You can't be considered? Even the US government realized for some high stress and critical jobs, such as air traffic control, ability to perform trumped a degree. It's just a subject I have been researching lately. Whether or not a degree which does not train you for a specific job (ie, doctor, engineer, etc) is worth the time and expense. I am also learning guitar today. I plan to be in a band. I hope they don't start requiring degrees!