To tyro: observations

  • Hello John, thank you again for your kind comments.

    You observed and considered details that I never thought about, like what that case could have contained. It's fun when people see things in my photos I didn't notice myself, but it also makes me feel half blind. How could I not have thought of that?

    Anyway, that politician represented a small party called United Slovenia, which I had never heard of before. The description makes it sound like a middle-of-the-road party promising to work for a better urban environment and similar uncontroversial matters. But who doesn't?

    Yes, Ljubljana is a pleasant city, at least on a sunny day, with a youthful and lively atmosphere thanks to a large university. In fact all of Slovenia seems to be a well organized and relatively prosperous country, almost Scandinavian.

    I heard there was a saying in the days of Yugoslavia that decisions were made in Serbia, noted in Croatia and implemented in Slovenia. That's where problems were solved and things taken care of. When Yugoslavia broke up Slovenia was far ahead of the other republics and the first one to qualify for EU membership.

    Best regards,