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Great emka 2020-04-27 23:42

Hello Paul, This scene reminds me of the view in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. I came to the water and I saw a lot of local people everywhere waiting for the sunset. They had chairs, small carpets, whatever. Like here. But the great difference was that they were all in black and white. Awesome colourful composition.
Up to now, mainly the rich countries are affected mostly in COVID-19. Hopefully, the big wave will not come to the third world countries in Asia and Africa.
Stay safe


Old 04-28-2020, 08:44 AM
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Default To emka: Completion

Thank you Malgo,

I'm sorry to disappoint you but the rich countries show high rates of infections and deaths because they have been able to test a certain percentage of their population and of the deceased people.
Most of these countries (not all) are honest enough to make public the exact numbers.

In most third world countries they don't have these possibilities.
There's no reason to believe that the virus stops spreading among people who are financially less well off.

The virus has spread across the continents through the travel of people who could do it financially. Be it for work, be it for fun.
Once in a new country, the virus spreads to everyone.
Is there any reason to believe that the virus could spread quickly in China and hardly across the border in poor countries like Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia? These countries simply do not have the test capabilities like China and therefore show very low numbers of infections.
Just look at the situation in Singapore where they do have the potential!

In the countries with more financial possibilities it will be possible to control the virus more or less.
But how can real third world countries ever organize this?
Furthermore, when (or if) a vaccine comes, will it be affordable for the people of the developing world?

I have traveled several times in poor countries and have grown to love people in some countries.
Of course I wish all the luck and a better future for them.
But I'm very much afraid that the coronavirus cannot be controlled in various third world countries.
You may find me pessimistic at this point. I prefer to see it differently but at the moment I don't know how the problem can be solved.
The fact that I will no longer be able to travel to many countries in the world is of minor importance. The situation for the people of the developing world is of the utmost importance.
That situation is terrible at present in certain countries. Look at Ecuador.

I wish you all the best!
Stay safe!
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