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to the lovers of B/W
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to you :)

Trick or Treat?
Which photos do you prefer? my B/W or my coloured ones?

About the place - WikiPedia Info:
Kardamili (also spelled Kardhamili, Kardamyli, (Καρδαμύλη in Greek) is a village by the sea and 35 kilometers away from Kalamata. It is in the Messenia prefecture of the Mani Peninsula in the Peloponnese. Homer cites Kardamili as one of the seven cities offered by Agamemnon to Achilles as a condition to rejoin the fight during the Trojan War; the village preserves its ancient name.

The area is filled with some of the most beautiful beaches in the county: the Kalamitsi, the Ritsa, the Chalikia, the Salios, and the Neo Proastio. It is worthwhile to wander around the stone paths through the Old Kardamili area, where you can marvel at the ruins of the mediaeval Castle and the ancient fortifications, the imposing temple of Saint Spyridon. You will definitely be mesmerized by the distinctive regional architectural style of the various castles. For the fun of hiking, Kardamili is the departure point of many mountain trails, which may even lead to the peak of Mount Taygetus. Do not pass on the opportunity to visit the Viros Gorge with a total length of 20km.

The surrounding villages offer great opportunities for day excursions. You can visit Platsa, Thalames, Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos, whose history goes back to the Byzantine times. If you are looking for an opportunity to go further about, you may visit Itilos, Areopoli and the Dirou caverns.
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Self Critique:
One of my best post processing images ever.
Almost 3 hours of work, customized lighting methods,
clone stamp clarification, and god knows (cause I don't remember what else I did). I'll describe some in my PP notes.
I think my POV is the best I could get at 18mm.
Lucky the boats were placed like this leading the way to the wave in the middle which I waited the perfect moment and believe me, I've waited a lot till my hand start shaking. Hopefully my Optical Stabilizer helped :)
The original coloured scene is also lovely, I believe this scene is one of the most beautiful I've seen in the area, or maybe its me, who loves harbors, sea, sun, and simplicity, or should I say Greece full of it!
The angry tones were selected on purpose, I'd like to place some dramatic feeling inside, and that was the only way to enhance it.

About the shot:
Q: Who could resist that POV?
A: Not me!

Q: Why f/22 and 1/13 ?
A: Because I'd like to give some movement to the wave smashing, and not capture it frozen, without disturbing the rest of the scene.

Q: And how do you justify that sharpness and the fact that the rest objects are steady?
A: The creative use of Optical STABILIZER, which permitted me to froze the rest of the scene, and capture the movement, plus my balanced settings since there wasn't any other speed ideal to capture this one like the way you see it.

Post Processing Notes:
Where should I begin!

- Custom underexposed RAW lighting and white balance issues to avoid over exposure issues afterwards, saturation -100%.
(Which means that, my first exported TIFF from RAW was dark enough on purpose, to apply some custom lighting filters afterwards in PS.)
Remember the advice I've given: Its better to underexpose something, rather overexpose because the detail somehow exists.
This picture follows this advice.

- Clone Stamp used to remove some rocks below (check the Original Workshop).
- Custom B/W HUE Cyan/Blue 12% to create that angry sweet Blueish B/W dramatic touch.
- Selection over sky + Clarification 10.00 (till it screamed.)
- Selection over ground + Clarification 6.00 (till it become interest, create some shadows, and remove that fog and plain look crappy original midtone filter.
- Custom point to point selection over boats + Levels adjustment.
- Custom selection over vignetting points/edges + Contrast Levels enhanced and made them blacker to focus to the center of the scene.
- Custom selection over sea below and sky above + Brightness and Contrast enhancement.
- A couple of hours spend applying Levels 1-2%, clarification 1-2%, Brightness and Contrast 1-2% over selections such as clouds/boats/waves/the whole scene for the final shadows creation.
- Custom Sharpness filter applied over layer opacity 94% to give a liquid water touch and faithful sky touch.

You may wonder, how on earth do you remember if the opacity were 94% or 95%?
I remember that 95% was too much to the scene, and yes 1% of something is a serious detail after 3 hours of post process where the eye likes what it sees :|

Unfortunately or not, I'm a perfectionist, which means that I believe the idea that a small detail can make the difference. Which means I might be a pain in your head sometimes in my critiques (and it doesn't have to do with points, I always give +2 for the effort) :) WHICH MEANS, I'd like YOU to be hard and honest on my posts!
Many people afraid of writing critiques,
Something you must know is, that all your critiques are marked as useful to my posts, because indeed they are useful. Even the comment "i like your shot" tells me that somebody likes it in a way that can't describe either because of lack of time, or because the photo is too much, but after viewing his/hers gallery I'll know why my photo liked to him/her.

You may write your feelings and why do you like it, or you don't like it. I'll accept it either way.
Critiques are like colours to me, it doesn't matter if its blue or red. Both are welcomed for each reasons.

Thank you very much for stopping by viewing/reading/commenting
I hope you find my notes useful and let me know your further questions if any.

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