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Ankara'dan Sanlıurfaya gittiğimizde Urfalılar " Ankara'nın soğuğunu Urfaya getirdiniz dediler. Biz de Urfaya giderken güneye gidiyoruz ,biraz ısınırız derken beklemediğimiz bir şekilde insanın içine işleyen bir soğuk ile karşılaştık. Balıklı gölün fotoğrafını çekerken de hafif kar atıştırıyordu balıklı göle. Urfada kar yağışını gören urfalılar şaşkınlık ile kar sevincini bir arada yaşamanın neşesi içindeydiler.
Biraz da 3000 karakter kısıtlaması nedeniyle Urfa ve balıklı gölün tanıtımını yabancılar için ingilizce yapalım.


Sanliurfa, one of the oldest centers of population in Mesopotamia, is offers a unique journey both in time and place with its history of eleven thousand years

Open for two years, Urfa Airport is one of the largest and most modern airports in the region. Every day Turkish Airlines flies twice to Istanbul and once to Ankara from Urfa. For a weekend trip to Urfa from Ankara there is a flight of Anadolujet at 18:40 on Friday evening.

There are Havas shuttles for transferring from the airport to the city center. During this trip the modern side of the city welcomes you first. You see the newly-constructed buildings and shopping centers all the way to the center.

The visitors of Urfa realize that they stepped into another world as soon as they reach the old city where the buildings were constructed with Urfa stone.

Urfa; the city of prophets, house of prophets and saints; has two faces and two different worlds; obvious and hidden, worldly and spiritual. The spiritual side of the city is represented by the castle, the cave where Abraham was born and lived, Dergah mosque and behind it the historical bazaar. A poet from Urfa, Fanayi, wrote in one of the inscriptions in Mevlid-i Halil Mosque ?This Urfa is the city which God creates as Holy Urfa. It is a prophet's place where sweet holy water runs. It is the most sacred place after the Hedjaz and Jerusalem. This is a city which appeals to people with its charm and honor. Here is a place of Abraham Halilullah, the father of prophets. This is the Urfa making the fire cool and peaceful to Abraham Halil, the friend of God.

The first thing the visitors of Fish Lake do is buy fish feed from the children and throw it to the fish. These fish, believed to be sacred, live in a bigger place than it seems, as there are many canals and ponds under the park. When the weather is nice people come to the park for picnics and enjoy the open air with their kids. In this city there is a colorful and multicultural life: a mixture of Turkish,Arabic, Armenian, Syriaca and Kurdish languages mix with each other.

Nemrut is a ruler who spreads terror and fear all around. One night he asks for an interpretation of his dream. He learns one of the children born that year will kill him and commands that all the children born be killed. Sara, mother of the Prophet Abraham, gives birth to her child in a cave, leaves him there and goes home. A gazelle nurses the baby. After awhile, soldiers find Abraham in the cave. Nemrut, who never had a child, decides to take care of Abraham. Witnessing the horror of Nemrut forcing his people to worship statues, when everyone leaves for a ceremony, Ibrahim enters the area of statues in the palace and breaks all the statues with an axe, finally leaving the axe in the hands of the largest statue. During his trial, Abraham protests his innocence, saying ?You see the axe is in the hands of the big statue; probably he is the one who did it.? Furious, Nemrut shouts, How can a piece of stone take an axe and do this? Ibrahim replies; "If he is a real God, why can't he do it?" Infuriated, Nemrut commands Abraham to be thrown into the fire. Although Zeliha, daughter of Nemrut, begs for mercy, she can't convince her dad.
Wood is piled up in the area of Halil-ul Rahman Lake and the fire is set. The place where the Prophet Abraham fell into the fire becomes a lake and a rose garden and the woods become fishes. Zeliha throws herself into the fire after Abraham and the place becomes known as Aynzeliha Lake

Bet is a verse of the Koran had to say on this subject

"ART THOU NOT aware of that [king] who argued with abraham about his Sustainer, (simply] because God had granted him kingship? Lo! abraham said: "My Sus'tainer is He who grants life and deals death." [The king] replied: "I [too] grant life and deal death!" Said abraham: "Verily, God causes the sun to rise in the east; cause it, then, to rise in the west!" Thereupon he who was bent on denying the truth remained dumbfounded: for God does not guide people who [deliberately] do wrong." (Bakara 258)

"And, lo, abraham said: "O my Sustainer! Show me how Thou givest life unto the dead!" Said He: "Hast thou, then, no faith?"(Abraham) answered: "Yea, but [let me see it] so that my heart may be set fully at rest."Said He: "Take, then, four birds and teach them to obey thee; then place them separately on every hill [around thee]; then summon them: they will come flying to thee. And know that God is almighty, wise." (Bakara 260)

Fish Lake is surrounded by the Rizvaniye Mosque and Medresseh, Mevlid-i Halil Mosque and Halil-Ur Rahman Mosque. Next to Mevlid-i Halil Mosque there is the cave where it is believed Abraham was born. The most popular place for tourists in Sanliurfa is this cave, which is also called the Dervish Lodge. Close to the cave there is a small mosque with its prayer room, cell and a pool in front of it. The water in the cave is drunk by the local people and the visitors, as it is believed to possess healing properties."

According to the legend the land upon which Adem and Havva first set foot in the world is Harran. The first couple was exiled here, the Prophet Abraham was born, broke the statues and burnt here. The Prophet Eyyub endured his illness here and was buried here after his death. The holy handkerchief of Christ was kept here. The Prophet David lived here. The Prophet Suayp built Suayp City nearby Sanliurfa. The Prophet Moses lived in Sogmatar City. Therefore, Sanliurfa is also known as the City of Prophets.

The city was occupied by the English on 24 March, 1919 and by the French on 30 October, 1919. The resistance and war against the French army resulted in the victory of the people of the city on 11 April, 1920 and the French army ran away.
The notice of motion about changing the name of Urfa to Sanliurfa because of the bravery of Urfa representative Osman Dogan and his 17 friends during the Independence War was accepted by the Turkish Parliament on 12/06/1984.

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