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felicitas lopezfelicitas4u2016-09-2220
i am in Afghanistan at war zone for peace keeping mission
Darjeeling Photographersdushdushyant2014-08-2210Nostalgia always remains a seed that gives bloom to beautiful memories and flowers.

As most of my childhood days were spent in the hills of Darjeeling blessed by the view of the Majestic Kanchendzonga , I pay this group as a homage to all the shutterbugs of this region and all who have had the same desire to click a shot or two and immortalize it in their frame.
TE Friends John (tyro) has mettyro2013-11-24230A group of delightful and interesting friends whom I have only had the pleasure of meeting because of TrekEarth.
Inspirations ~ Rajeev Moudgilgoodwill2013-10-1170Artists who made an impact on my photography. Thank you friends for grooming me up.
Subhendu's Favouritessubhendu_bagchi2013-10-10480My friends, who guides me how to shoot photo, where is my faults, where to improve and also those who may not even wrote critique on my photos but I am getting inspired to watch their works are placed in this group. I am thankful to all of them.
Calcutta Shootersfabbs992013-06-0610This group is simply based on photographs exhibiting life in Calcutta,West Bengal,India.The idea is to acquaint the members from TE about the existing lifestyle and culture of the former capital of British India.
Photos from Mount Athosdekanski2013-01-1590Authors who have made at least one photo on Mount Athos, with the desire to bring it closer to everyone. Invitation to all to join the group, whether they want to contribute with new photos, or just to share impressions from or about the Mount Athos.
Andrew's FavoritesACL19782012-12-15440The latest photos from my favorite photographers on TE.
People I met Iemka2012-12-14480People I met
TE members Ann has metannjackman2012-07-26200Ann's TE friends. Those that I have been lucky enough to meet.
Csaba friends and favoritescsabagaba2012-06-21180
Brian's Inspirerstimecapturer2012-06-15470
Frndsranjana2012-05-3020its my frnds group.
welcomes to all in my group
Mauro's friends 3mauro612012-03-03160
West Bengalpsmukherjee122012-02-27112West Bengal, one of the eastern states in India.
more favouritesJuzo2012-02-26391I used up all my favourites list here so had to create a group to add more.
people and placesarpitadoc2011-12-20210people and places
Seldom Around but FavoritesSnapRJW2011-12-20270Members who were in my favorites but who are seldom around
Rosemary's Watch GroupSnapRJW2011-12-01470Photographers whose work I'd like to keep track of.
Portraitsmadhumita_roy862011-10-21101All about beautiful portraits....