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Photography keeps me alive, after music. Dreaming about National Geographic. Goal: show the world as I see it.

See me also on TL and TN.

I'd like to thank everybody for your comments, it's always good to see one's work is appreciated.

Here are some precisions: I'm a photojournalist, and I never modify my pictures (except for the basis: cropping, sharpening, saturation), neither do I allow people (other than me) to modify my pictures.

The other thing about being a photojournalist is that I use pro lenses that allow me to get blurred pictures at the background while the main subject is very sharp -this effect is hard to obtain with compact cameras, which are designed to take sharp pictures from foreground to background (exept in macro mode). I use my lenses with the widest aperture (f/4 or f/2.8) instead of using f/11 or less.

Furthermore, I won't hide details that are part of the pictures without being too disturbing: this would be editing pictures beyond the reasonable limits. I usually don't publish pictures with big lens flares or electrical wires, so when I do, it's because (in my personal judgment) these details weren't big enough to disturb the pictures' composition.

I don't take postcard-like pictures: I show reality, as I saw it.

Photographically yours,

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