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My wife and I travelled quite a lot around the world over the last twelve years and my interest in photography increased step by step during all this time.

I have been reluctant for years to have a “big” reflex camera, favouring to always have a small device in my pocket instead. So I used various compact cameras and a bridge until about two years ago. But finally, I decided to switch to the reflex world, a logical choice indeed, helped by the arrival on the market of the compact Sony NEX-5. It really changed my “photograph life”, but I already know anyway it’s only a step as my next purchase will be a “real” reflex camera.

My favourite themes are landscapes in a broad sense, urban or natural. At the opposite, I’m not comfortable at all shooting people I don’t know. But my main interest are golf courses. For about four years now, I have played with my wife all around the world and my camera was still with me. To make the right shot while keeping a good pace of play isn’t an easy thing, it could even be quite frustrating sometimes, but well, I’m still accumulating experience and improving myself. Here is the link to my gallery :

I’m a very basic and instinctive photograph. Don’t ask me to change settings of my camera, the “automatic mode” suits me very well most of the time. I’m anyway slowly starting to use my camera’s various options, but really slowly …

My profile is dedicated to my very patient wife, who accumulated dozen of hours of wait while I was waiting for the best timing to shot ! :-)
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