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Not much of a photographer, but I try when I have access to a camera; I do have a keen interest in the visual arts, film in particular. Writing and reading are what I do best.

TrekEarth has been my #1 source for good amateur photography over the last couple of years or more. I can't claim at all to be anywhere near the standards of artistry, feeling, and perception, and precision in photography that people here show (as for technical competency, we won't even get into that!). I do that, if at all successfully, with my brain, my ears, my eyes, my heart, and words. So, while I hope to improve my photography via the comments I get from those more experienced, what I seek here is more an understanding of how other people understand what I saw somewhere and improve my relations with the graphic medium. A little unlike the aim of most people with cameras who want to be photographers -- but then, I don't have a camera of my own anyway. :)

As far as critiquing goes, right now I know what I like in a good picture, but figuring out what could make a an average picture good or great is beyond me. So I will currently restrict comments to what I really like -- my friends who take average pictures and struggle to learn more, just as I usually do, I apologize for ignoring your shots. I just do not know what to say about them. Perhaps some time I will.
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